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Welcome to our world! It is a challenging and dynamic place, full of opportunities, needs, and rewards for those that choose to get involved. With the large number of local, State, regional, and National farrier organizations that exist, one may wonder why a world organization is needed. If you will take a few minutes of your valuable time to review our work, the answer should become obvious.

The WFA was started in 1984, when there were few opportunities for farriers to be able to get together to learn with and from each other, share experience, or develop cultural and social interfaces that are mutually beneficial. In many parts of the world, where horses are a mainstay of people’s lives, those opportunities are still lacking. One of the WFA’s goals is to assist in organizing, educating, and sustaining the tens of thousands of farriers in those areas, who provide footcare and farriery service to both single- and cloven-hoofed animals wherever they are and for whatever purpose they are kept.

Using our FaceBook page and Links provided on this website as a point of beginning, you can liaise with farriers, health care providers, welfare interests, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises that are allied with the footcare professional. Questions, points-of-view, problems, and matters of interest to farriers may be shared here freely.

The WFA lives to serve millions of horses around the world to help make them more productive. It lives to help develop better farriers and higher standards of practice of footcare and farriery everywhere. Why is there a World Farriers Association? Because it is needed!

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